Adele at the Hollywood Bowl – June 28, 2009

One of the coolest things about the Hollywood Bowl is that you can bring bottles of wine into the actual venue and drink from your seat.  One of the worst things about the Hollywood Bowl is that you can bring bottles of wine into the actual venue and drink from your seat.  Due to the latter, a whole cup of vino ended up on my friend Casie and me.  

I’d like to blame my little mishap on the fact that the paper cups I was drinking the wine from became weak from the numerous cups I was drinking all afternoon, she’d like to think that it was me being a drunken idiot.  As I was jamming out to Adele performing “Best for Last”, I went to give Casie a pound with said paper cup in hand at which point it crumbled in my hand and poured itself all over us.  Needless to say, she was not amused… evident by her patented “eye roll/eyelash batting” she does when she’s annoyed and/or angry.   This was Casie’s first trip to the Bowl and I guess she had to get hazed somehow.

I am a huge fan of Adele’s music and became even moreso after her performance at the Bowl.  Though she had a shaky start, forgetting lyrics to some songs, she more than made up for it by being so damn cute.  I mean, how you gonna be mad when she has the cutest British accent, can sing and play guitar (at the same time) like no other, called her mum during the show, AND covered Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (ok, I guess you can’t call it a cover if she forgot all the words to that too, BUT she did do the zombie hand gesture so I’ll let it slide).  Four bottles of wine and plenty of laughs… what a great night!

There’s a reason why this 20 year old won a Grammy for Best New Artist… and all those reasons can be heard on her album:

Adele 19

Adele 19


And oh yeah… did I mention Janelle Monae and Chaka Khan opened?!  Chaka Khan singing all her hits live was an amazing thing to witness.  Probably everyone’s favorite, mine included, were her performances of “Sweet Thing” and “Through the Fire”.  Janelle Monae on the other hand seemed to be virtually unknown by the crowd but put on the most energetic set by far.  She works closely with OutKast and has been featured in their music, videos, and movies as well as on a Gap Christmas commercial.  Peep her epic masterpiece below:


[youtube LHgbzNHVg0c 500 281]


For our picnic, Corina and Sergio made BBQ Chicken Salad and Spaghetti Bolognese.  And you know I had to bake something for the occassion… my contribution was Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.  The recipe and photos will be up later this week hopefully.  Below are photos from the show.  We have our own captions for some of the photos (some of which include “Sexual Harrassment”, “Casie’s Abuse aka Blast from the Past”, and “Casie Annoyed”) but you can go ahead and add your own captions as you see fit.

Ps. Send me the dry cleaning bill.



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