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One of my best friends in life moved back to Hawaii this summer.  As a gift to him and his fiancee, I gave them three engagement shoots… the first in Santa Monica, the second at Griffith Observatory, and the third at the Huntington Gardens.  I spent I don’t know how many countless hours editing the 1000 or so photos… ok, maybe not 1000 but damn close to it!aj_01

That was in July… fast forward to the end of September.

My computer is acting all funny… super slow, pinwheel of death non-stop, etc.  I back everything up on an external hard drive, reformat my laptop, then start to import everything back onto my laptop from the external.  I test a few files first… it works.  Then I test a big folder, about 1GB or so… it works.  Then I import the entire 300GB worth of data.  Everything is going smoothly so I go to bed.

I wake up in the morning and noticed that the transfer was only 90% complete due to an error during the transfer.  No biggie, right?  I check my laptop and see that all the folders that I tried to import are there but they don’t contain any files.  I check the external drive……… and it is completely blank. No files whatsoever. I had just lost all the photography I’ve ever shot.  The 20,000 mp3s I could always get back… tedious, but doable.  The photos on the other hand, impossible.  I promptly curled into the fetal position, stuck my thumb in my mouth, and cried myself back to sleep.

Long story short, I sent the hard drive out to the guys at Hard Drive 911.  $900 later, I get my hard drive back with almost everything in tact.  Almost.  I lost a whole folder full of Jaimee & Alan’s engagement photos… though that was my fault and not due to the hard drive.  It was an expensive lesson to learn, I just hope none of you have to go through what I did.  Moral of the story is to back everything up with an external, make a copy of that external with another, burn everything you deem important to DVD, and then send those same files to an online server or hosting service.

I used the photos of Jaimee & Alan’s engagement and made them save the date Moo Minicards for their wedding next year.  There are 100 cards in a pack and I made every single card different.  The back of the cards are printed with their names, date of the wedding, and location (not pictured due to their privacy obviously).  They turned out great and I plan to do this for many of my clients from now on.

If you’ve never used Moo before and would like to try them out, leave a message in the comment and I’ll send you some discount codes.  They’re an amazing service that I highly recommend.  They make these awesome minicards, regular sized business cards, postcards, stickers, and a bunch of other kick ass products.  Ps. I get nothing from them for referring you.






UPDATE! As of today, Moo no longer packages their Minicards in the plastic box.  Behold, the new and improved minicards!

New option to upload image for the back as well!

New option to upload image for the back as well!

New recycled paper boxes are SWEET!

New recycled paper boxes are SWEET!

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Corina - i found 100 pics of serg and i, and im going to make them for serg and i.. but since the granada didnt work out i have no location to put! argh. i counted just now… only 78 pics. i need 22 more… hrm

yeahmanh - wha?! no granada?! please don’t make me go to mexico… please!

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