Thinking Outside the Box…

…or in this case, in the dressing room.

Designers Krys N Jack held a show at EM & Co. showcasing their Knockers line and the accompanying accessories.  They even used one of my photos for their invitation flier! (If you remember, I shot their entire line during Downtown LA Fashion Week… see here.)

EM & Co and FLAUNT Magazine Present_ KRYS-N-JACK; Thurs., Nov. 19; 7-10 PM - - Gmail

There were two models posing in select pieces from the line but the lighting was not the greatest.  Weird spotlights casting even weirder (more weird?) shadows… and I definitely didn’t want to do the whole flash bounce off the wall/ceiling shot as two other photographers were there doing this very thing.  The pictures below are an indication of what I’m trying to explain to you.



So as one of the models walked by, I grabbed her and asked her if I could shoot her… in the dressing room.  It was tiny and cramped… maybe 3′ x 4′ in size and was taken up mostly by an IKEA floor lamp.  But the lighting was uniform and the white walls and curtain created a great softbox for shooting.


This little makeshift studio yielded shots that were much more flattering due to the soft and uniform light.  Still not the most ideal of lighting conditions but much better than what I was getting with the model standing underneath a track lighting system.







I always tell myself that as a photographer, no matter the conditions, always get the shot!  A good photograph doesn’t exist if no one shoots it.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just shoot for fun, you don’t need the top of the line camera bodies, lenses, lighting, etc. to get a good photograph.  Whether it be camera phone, disposable camera, point and shoot or DSLR, do what it takes to get the shot… including but not limited to grabbing models and pulling them into the dressing room.  =)

Now, how do I go about taking GREAT photographs…


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