Valentine’s Day… probably the worst holiday (if you can even call it that) on the calendar. A day where restaurants, flower shoppes, and candy stores charge ridiculous prices for the same stuff they’d sell any other day of the year for far cheaper prices.


What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic. However, I’m not one to go for the fancy dinners, huge bouquets, and boxed chocolates. Give me more credit than that! I’m obviously the kind of guy that would prepare a home cooked feast, buy flowers from the flower district downtown and arrange my own bouquet, and bake my sweets from scratch. In fact, I’ve done all these things and more (so if there are any guys out there that need some ideas, holler at me cause Lord knows I won’t get a chance to put them to good use).

I’ve had but one Valentine in my short life and I can honestly say that preparing for that day was actually just as fun, if not more so, than… well, spending it with my Valentine. That’s not to say that my date went bad but if you know me, you know that I love being creative. I’m definitely artsy fartsy 5000, whether it be in the form of cooking, baking, drawing, or photography… whenever I am being creative I am happy.

It’s gonna be hard for me to top that Valentine’s Day from a few years back but at the rate I’m going, I’m not due to have another Valentine for quite a while. At least I can say that I won’t be spending this upcoming one alone: I have two female friends that are single so we all decided we’d be each other’s third wheel, a ménage à trois if you will. We’ll be watching this…

And probably be eating a lot of sugary goodness like this…

Heart Cake - white vanilla frosting covered white cake with red velvet cake crumbled on top

There's a surpise in the middle!

Probably drinking a lot of this…

Shot this at El Vino Wine Shop in Venice...

and complimenting it with this…

Brix Chocolate for Wine

On a side note, there’s a friend of mine on Facebook that always makes it a point to give me verbal jabs to each and every Facebook status message that I post that she thinks refers to a girl. I think that she thinks I’m a player. I think that she thinks I’m heartless. I think she thinks I’m a womanizer. For what reasons she thinks these things? I have no clue as she doesn’t even know me all that well. Dating in LA is already hard enough as it is, please don’t make it any harder for me. And people already think I look like an asshole… please don’t make them think it’s true. Sure I’ve been an asshole before but the girl was CRAZY and DELUSIONAL. If I like you, I promise I am anything but an asshole.

Picture below is from a recent shoot I did with my friend Natanya and her boyfriend Rick… they’re in LOVE. =)

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Taryn - yay for our date!

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