Contest Winner | Sasa Stankovic… and Human Motivation

Last week, I hosted my first contest giving one lucky reader a chance to win my first print. I had a total of 32 entries from 20 different people. I find it mind-bottling (yes, mind-bottling) that I had so few entries considering I’m friends with over 1100 people on Facebook. I find it even more mind-bottling that I had several hundred hits on the actual post for the contest, yet only had 9 comments (most of those comments were attributed to my awesome friend Stephanie of Paisley Petunia fame who went out of her way to retweet and repost my contest to all her friends… she is undoubtedly my #1 supporter… you’re the best Steph!). If you looked at the post, why not just make a comment and enter yourself into the contest? I mean, I was giving away an 18″ x 24″ print. Did I do something wrong? For those of you who have hosted contests in the past, what pointers would you give me?

There were five different methods to winning and Sasa completed two of them… and he did them the day before the contest was to end! The first thing he asked me when I dropped off his print was if I rigged it. HAHA! I love you Sasa, but no, I didn’t. Cause I also love everyone else who entered equally! Here’s the evidence:

I have a degree in psychology from UCLA and I was quite disappointed in myself for not being able to generate more contest entries. Who doesn’t like free stuff? And I made it easy to enter. All my schooling and I still don’t understand human motivation? I posted a status update regarding Coconut M&Ms and I get 9 responses to that for goodness sake! Across Twitter and Facebook, people spend an inordinate amount of time typing FML and SMH about how they hate their jobs or how bad the traffic is and I really want to tell them to shut their faces. People around the world are facing situations much more dire than you being stuck in traffic or swamped with work. Be grateful that you even have a car and a job. Since when did being negative and garnering sympathy become trendy? I guess I should be grateful that people even read my blog so I really shouldn’t complain about not having more contest entries.

Anyhow……. Sasa is the mastermind behind Metro Cafe, hands down my favorite go-to restaurant in LA. I highly recommend the lamb osso bucco, it’s my favorite dish and I get it literally every single time I go. I won’t delve too much into his restaurant, I’ll save that for a featured post in the near future. For the time being, when you go (and you will), get the grilled corn salad to start off and the lamb osso bucco for your main course. Wash it all down with a couple bottles of Dilirium or La Fin Du Monde. And you can’t go wrong with the crepes… with ice cream. You can never go wrong with ice cream.

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Corina - i didnt enter, cuz i didnt want to take away from others chance of winning, but thats my justification. I just retweeted once :)

Tenderoni - Lack of comments? Do you equally comment on your 1,100+ friends’ pages? Reciprocity, my friend. Or at least bribe me with them M&Ms :D

yeahmanh - Tenderoni… you found it appropriate to comment to this post but not to the contest page? You walked right into that one……..

stephanie – paisley petunia - Congrats to Sasa! :)

Devil’s Advocate - some constructive feedback without the sugar-coat:

so you had several hundred hits…OK no one wants to hear the ugly but here it is: is it possible in your universe that maybe people didn’t care about/want that photo/poster and hence the lack of action/feedback? every mother thinks her child is beautiful but you know that is not always the case. Free doesn’t mean awesome and just cuz something is free, it doesn’t mean everyone wants it.

and a flaw in your system – your screenshot is great but it’s not proof against the possibility that you arranged your list to ensure a favorite’s place in your sheet matched the winning number.

just devil’s-advocating, not hating.

yeahmanh - devil’s advocate… you are absolutely right. free does not mean awesome.

as far as the flaw goes… all i can say is that it was honestly random. the list was generated as people commented/retweeted/etc. if i wanted to rig it, i would’ve had stephanie win it as she is clearly my #1 supporter. lol!

thanks for the insight, much appreciated.

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