Roadtrip Agenda

Now that I have a purpose for this trip, I’ve been searching for people to shoot. I’ve been browsing different outlets to find people but for the most part, I’m going to wing it and just ask people wherever I stop if they’d be up for a quick photosesh. A meal in your town from you to me in exchange for a photosesh… I think that’s a pretty good deal, no? For my sake, I really hope I get to experience that often-rapped about Southern hospitality!

You can follow me on my journey here on this blog and if you know of anyone in or near the cities that I’ll be stopping in, please let me know! I would love to shoot and eat as much as possible on this trip.

Here’s the list of cities I’m stopping in:

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC
  2. Columbia, SC
  3. Atlanta, GA
  4. Montgomery, AL
  5. Mobile, AL
  6. New Orleans, LA
  7. Lafayette, LA
  8. Houston, TX
  9. Austin, TX
  10. Roswell, NM
  11. Phoenix, AZ
  12. Home!

I know I am gonna get ridiculously fat during this trip so I promised myself that I would eliminate all sweets from my diet as soon as I get back. That means no more cupcakes, no more cookies, and sadly, no more Samoas ice cream (I was eating a quart a week it seemed!). Good thing I ain’t starting this until after I get back cause last night I feasted on crazy delicious foods and desserts with the girls from Paisley Petunia at their Posh Potluck. My contribution was the Blueberry Crumb Cake. Ps. Christina said I could bring a date to the next one so who’s gonna be the lucky girl?!

posh potluck 3/21/10 menu

posh potluck 3/21/10 tangerine tart

posh potluck 3/21/10 blueberry crumb cake strawberries

posh potluck 3/21/10 blueberry crumb cake

posh potluck 3/21/10 strawberries whip cream

posh potluck 3/21/10 strawberries biscuits whip cream

posh potluck 3/21/10 strawberry shortcake

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Mel - I’m a little further North of the dirty south….. but we like to call Durham NC the Dirty D.
If you find your your plans shift, let me know. I’d be game to play with you.

Danielle - Hurray Houston! I’d love to help out and you can count on a chicken and waffles meal for you here!

Katie Moore - I would love to help you when you are in Atlanta!!! I need photos of my darling baby girl! Will treat you to some delish GA food! :) email me at and let me know when you will be in town! :)

Meg - found your photography via Melissa and I have to say I’m impressed! Gorgeous work!
When you come through phoenix my little family knows the best place to get a bean and potato burrito AND wood fired pizza!

Bec - I’m a Myrtle Beach-er….and I L.O.V.E. food and going out to eat. I also love photography and am constantly wanting to learn more and be more comfortable behind the lens. The need for that has left me with no real photographs of myself or me with my hubby and the current loves of my life – my dogs. I have some good eats in mind and some good subjects besides us and the dogs…..I coach gymnastics and have some really beautiful, cool and athletic girls and I babysit my nieces who are 3 and 9 months…..they don’t get much cuter than them. Just FYI, how I found you….I grew up with Brent and follow Melissa’s blogs daily…..they are so precious its ridiculous.

Megan - Oh HELLO greatest trip ever! There is nothing I love more than traveling and eating. Especially eating.

If you ever consider driving just a little more south to Tallahassee I would treat you to the biggest burger that boasts peanut butter as a topping.

Happy trails, man!

Lindsay - Hi! I will be more than happy to show you some good southern hospitality while you are in Atlanta! I love your work! It really seems like you capture the heart of the people you shoot!

Maddie Sikes - I WANT A PHOTOSESH!!!! We have been loking for months for a great photographer and I have come up short. I love your photos that I saw on Dear Baby and I want you! Please check out my little blog and let me know what you think! I live 30 min outside of Atlanta and I can show you some delish Southern restaurants. PLEASE PLEASE! I have a beautiful family and would be honored to have your capture that beauty on camera.

logan - Oh fun! When will you be in Atlanta? We’re due with our first baby April 25th, and would love some photos! and there is a lot of yummy food in Atlanta!

Elaine - I’m in Lafayette and would be MORE than happy to buy you some gumbo, a po’ boy or just about any Cajun food you’d want! :) Your photography is gorgeous! My email is! Happy travels!

Briana Hower - There are SO many good places to eat here in Austin, TX. You could stay here a month and have amazing places to eat each day. I saw you have Magnolia Cafe on your short list, which is a good call, but there is SO much more.. so how long is your stay?

My boyfriend and I live here. I’d love to meet you and exchange a meal for a photography session. I can take a good picture to save my life (either behind the camera or in front of it), and so we would LOVE to have some decent pictures of us.

Briana Hower - Oops! “can take a good picture” should read “cannot take a good picture”… = )

Emily - Ah! I so wish you were coming through Illinois. I would LOVE to meet you, hear about your work AND feed you a fantastic meal. :( Maybe next time.

Cathy Embrey - IF you decide to go through Raleigh, we would love to have you stop in! We could cook you a wonderful home cooked mealor send you to a resturant. But I must say my husband is a wobderful cook!

Mary - I’m in atlanta! take pictures of my crazy, big family please! enjoy some amazing southern comfort food at the famous OK cafe in the heart of atlanta!

Brianna - Saw your work on dearbaby and just loved it! i am in chandler az
(Phoenix basically) and we could offer you a good list of places to choose from to find a good meal!

Tamera Peralez - I saw your amazing photographs on Dearbaby! My husband and I live 10 minutes north of Mobile, AL and would love the opportunity to have our pictures taken by you… and to feed you! Please contact me at :)

Katie Rivers - Quooooc! I live an hour North from Atlanta in the rural countryside of Clarkesville, GA. We have a couple amazing local restaurants here that me and my hubs would love to show you–the Copper Pot or The Attic are both ah-ma-zing! Or I could cook my famous horseradish parmesan crusted steak for you :-) We are a cute, nerdy, fun lovin couple who would be up for any kind of photo session you threw at us! Puh lease email me if you’re up for it!

Laura - I wish you were coming through Lubbock, TX. You are absolutely talented!

Kelci Shannon - I’d love to meet up in Columbia, SC! Sounds awesome.

Cindoo - i wish i could have joined you on this road trip!! sounds awesome. i could be your camera assistant. hehehe.

holly - so close to virginia, yet so far away… enjoy your trip!

Laci - You will be visiting some of my most favorite places in the entire country, and I am so happy to see Houston on your list! As my husband and I prepare to become Mommy and Daddy, we’d like nothing more than to treat you to some yummy Tex-Mex or Texas-Style BBQ in exchange for a few captured moments of pre-baby marital bliss.

Safe travels!

Keturah - Hey! I saw your photos on Dear Baby and immediately wished I knew someone who could capture those feelings as well as you did. My husband, our pup and I live in Mobile, Alabama. We’re expecting a little girl, due August 8th. It would be so wonderful if you could drop in our way and we would certainly appreciate the opportunity to treat you.

Mary - Hey Quoc, we’d love to host you here in our humble Austin town. Either a homecooked meal or at a quaint place that makes Austin so popular. Melissa is my husband Mark’s cousin. A friend of family is family as well. Let us know when you’ll be in town. Safe travels!

babyrocks - aw man! i wish you were coming to NYC… we’d love to shoot with you, feed you, AND PUT YOU UP (we have a spare room you could totally crash in). if you change your mind, let us know!! :) great work, btw. love the photos!

Asia Bartlett - You should stop by the Classic City, Athens, Georgia. We’re only about an hour or so from Atlanta and the home to the famous Georgia Bulldogs. Coming to Georgia isn’t complete without a trip to Athens. It’s probably the most liberal (if you can call it that) town in Georgia and has a great music scene and fantastic dining. Your site is fantastic!

yeahmanh - I’ll be in Lafayette this weekend. one of my good friends lives out there. he owns elite fitness and la seafood house. I will definitely get in touch. :)

yeahmanh - I’ll be in Atlanta tmrw. will be in touch if I am available! :)

yeahmanh - I’ll be in Columbia tonite but it might be too late to shoot. :( if I spend the nite there, we can do an early morning shoot when the light will be amazing! will keep you posted. :)

sarah - please count us in on your austin visit! we’d love to take you to dinner (east side cafe is our favorite place in town…not to be missed, though there are sooooo many choices here!) & would love to do a barter for photos! looking forward to meeting you when your travels bring you this way!

Ingrid - oh, i wish i wish i wish you were coming to PA! but i’ll tell as many people as i can, and perhaps live vicariously through them if it works out.

love your photos!

Rochelle - I don’t even know if VA is considered the south (I am LA girl) but if you decide to swing by Richmond VA I’d love to take you out to my fave hole in the wall restaurant in exchange for some beautiful pictures.

Eliza Bass - If you happen to stop by Washington, DC…please let me know! My husband and I would love to be a subject of your photos. We still haven’t had a photo of us as newlyweds that we love. This city has so many amazing places to take pictures. Keep me posted!

Good luck with your travels,

jackie j - i would love to take you out to eat in austin! let me know when! :) if you go a little further in san antonio (where i reside, but i’m willing to travel an hour to meet you) i could even make a homemade meal! :)

Katie - I’m in for Austin! I’d love to be on the other side of the camera for a change and take you out for a great meal!

Katie Strange - You need to ammend your route a bit and stop in Nashville! Nothing like live music and great food to give you the best taste of the South!

I’m Brent and Melissa’s sister (well, M’s sister in law) and my hubby and I would love to have you stay with us if you do decide to stop in! We can take you to restaurants written up in Southern Living and balance it out with the flavors of the local, venues and vineyards we’ve grown to love!

Awesome pics of Brent, Melissa and Everly! Thanks for sharing your talent!

If you can’t make it this trip, let us know if you ever do decide to visit!

Marcie - Sounds like a fun journey!!! Please know that if you ever decide to head a little further north you have dinner and a photo shoot in Kansas City, MO/KS – we have wonderful blues/jazz & BBQ :)
- Marcie

Ashley - I sent a message to you yesterday but thought I should probably comment here too. We’re in Auburn, AL with a 5 week old baby girl. You’ll be driving right by on your way to Montgomery. Auburn is a beautiful college town about 40 miles northeast of Montgomery, right off of I-85. If you’re able to stop by for a mini photosession we would be absolutely delighted! We’ll make sure you’re well fed, too.

amanda o. - wow! that should be amazing! if you swing through fort worth, let us know! would love to take you to joe t. garcias…sooooooo delicious!!! have a blast on your trip…oh to be footloose and fancy free!

Reyna - Ahhh! Why aren’t you stopping by Utah? I would LOVE to feed you dinner for a session!

Loraine Walters - please pick us…

we have two great photogenic kids…

and we know of lots of awesome great mexican food joints…

Stella - I got you covered in Atlanta. BRING IT. I know of some Banana Pancakes you need to experience. Or veggie tacos….a margarita…oh my. Let’s talk please.

Calily - Came across this entry from Wandering Chopsticks.

I know you don’t have San Antonio, TX listed on your list, but if you’re interested, I’m interested! :-)

I don’t blame you for stopping in Austin though, it’s a great town as well!

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