Ava McCown

This is Ava McCown. I call her Baby Lanche and have been trying to convince her parents that’s what her middle name should be. Ava Lanche McCown. Avalanche… get it? Damn, I’m corny!

The McCowns are close friends of mine and I’ve been staying with them here in Lafayette. Cody and I used to work together when we were both trainers at Equinox in LA. They ended up moving back to Louisiana where Renea, aka Nae-Nae, gave birth to Baby Lanche. This is the first time I’ve met Baby Lanche and I cannot get enough of her!

Ask her what a dog says and she doesn’t bark, she pants! Her binky, aka pacifier, is often attached to her shirt for easy access, and her forever smacking tongue are ridiculously adorable. Here she is giving me her Popeye face. I am in love with her.

lafayette louisiana baby ava

My travels through the South have been nothing short of amazing. The food is ridiculous here (ask me about the drive-thru daiquiris). If I lived here, I’d be obese. Heck, if I stayed here for a week, I’d be obese. And the girls… I might never move back to LA. They are beautiful, beyond friendly, and GENUINE. What you see is what you get! Nothing fake about these girls out here.

I had some pretty awesome shoots here in Lafayette that I’ll be posting pictures of soon. I’ve barely gotten any sleep and have been busy non-stop (up at 5am for shoots)! The people here don’t fool around… their work ethic is incomparable. Hands down the hardest workin’ folk I’ve ever met. Overall, everyone has been so kind to me and has shown me nothing but love. Lafayette is an amazing place and I really can’t wait to get back here to visit again.

I’ll be leaving Sunday morning and heading straight to Austin. Many apologies to my Houston folk who were hoping to shoot. Unfortunately, I need to be back in LA sooner than I had expected. Austin is gonna be tough for me as well, but hopefully I can set something up there. I did not realize that the drive from Austin to New Mexico is about 9 hours and New Mexico to Phoenix is another 9. Add the 5 or 6 hours it’ll take me to get back to LA and you can see how my schedule is super tight, considering I have an appointment at 8am on Tuesday.

Here’s a shot of the McCowns shot through a window of a 1964-65 Ford Ranchero…

McCown family 1964 1965 Ford Ranchero

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Corina - Stay as long as you like!!! This is once in a lifetime, i can more your tuesday appt :)

Tr?n Nam Hà - Hi, Bro Manh!

Nice to meet you.

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