The Road Less Travelled

From Austin to New Mexico, the route that was suggested to me by Google Maps took me through El Paso, TX. If I were to take this route, it would have taken me right past the border town of Juarez. If y’all are familiar with the Mexican cartels and drug wars, you know to stay away from Juarez. Getting kidnapped and held for ransom was not an option (my family is poor).

I decided to take an alternate route that would add more miles and hours to my trip but keep me safe and alive. This took me from Austin, TX to San Angelo, TX then through Hobbs, NM to Cloudcroft, NM. The towns I drove through were tiny, some were a few miles long, others a few blocks long (but all were anchored by Sonics… which is WAAAY overrated by the way). They all had so much character, from the people to the architecture, and it made me wonder as I drove through how people lived their lives in such tiny communities. What did they do for fun? What did they do for work? Do they get Samoas ice cream?

One of the coolest things I saw while passing through one of these towns was a drive-thru liquor store. What looked like an old barn was converted into a liquor store where you literally drove through the doors, ordered your beverages of choice, and drove out the other end. I can’t remember for the life of me where most of these shots were taken, but I think this was located somewhere between Brady and Eden, TX.

drive-thru liquor

To give you an idea of how small some of these towns were, this particular one I passed through had one office building that was named The Office Building.

Ok, it might have had more than just one but I didn’t see them. This was shot in La Mesa, TX I believe… or was it Sterling? Maybe Seminole…

the office building

As I was leaving Texas, I see this huge sign for Hobbs, NM. I see signs for an airport. I’m thinking big city!! Nope. Hobbs is a few miles long and just as small as other towns I drove through. To their credit, they had a City Hall and their own fire station.

hobb new mexico

I was in awe as I drove through Cloudcroft, NM. I stopped every few miles to just take in all the beauty and breathe in all the clean air that I don’t get here in LA.

cloudcroft new mexico

If it weren’t for my fear of getting beheaded by the Mexican mafia, I woud have never gotten to see all the awesome little towns with one main road, all the abandoned architecture with so much character. I try to find inspiration for my photography in everything and despite most of the towns being tiny and downtrodden, I’ve added their charm and character to my photographic¬†repertoire.

Driving across the country alone gives you a lot of time to think about anything and everything. By taking the road less travelled, I was able to see things that I would have never seen had I taken the conventional or suggested routes. I’m sure I avoided a ton of traffic (more often than not, I was the only car on the road for MILES), got to experience Americana that is rarely shown in the media, and have come to appreciate all that I have.

road less travelled

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Audrey Hinchey - i’m sure they eat samoas ice cream :)

Amanda - What I loved about living in NM was knowing you could step outside on a clear day (which was about 350 days a year) see all the way to where the earth curved off the edge of the horizon. The vastness of it all still draws my breath (and me) back to the Land of Enchantment.

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