Happy Birthday Pops!

Pops… it’s your birthday! Wanted to wish you a happy 66th birthday and hope you’re enjoying it. Our birthdays are so close together but I can’t remember the last time we celebrated one together. I blame it on me being young and selfish. Instead of celebrating our birthdays together, I gave my friends top priority. I wish you were still here to guide me in life… it’s sadly ironic that you’re more influential to me now that you’re gone than when you were here.

There are so many things in life that we take for granted and I am sorry that I took advantage of your love as a father. I just always assumed you’d be there forever. I mean, you’re my pops… you were Supermanh to me. One of the last things you told me before you left was that if I wanted to be a good son, a good man, and a good brother that I needed to be more patient, more forgiving, and more understanding. It’s been over two years since you’ve told me that and I am still working on myself. It’s tough pops, I really have to learn how to let my guard down. I’m always afraid of disappointing you and thus, throughout life I have been scared to do anything that would put me in a position of disappointing anyone. Is that why I am impatient, unforgiving, and non-understanding? It’s a defensive mechanism for sure… and as one of my friends recently told me, I am playing bad defense.

I hope that I am half the man you are when I am done with life. I recently received an email from one of your American war buddies… here it is, word for word:

i remember bao he was a good and very brave man.one day on patrol we were ambushed.. bao stepped in front of our man pushed out of the way and killed two enemy.war is awful..i think about all the people we left behind and hope viet-nam is a better place today just like USA and uncle hoe invisioned.BACK TO BAO, he was very brave.. we all liked him very much and pray for him and his family..god bless…BILLY THE KID RIGHT GUNNER 2/11 ACR ETROOP 1ST PLATOON

You’ve sacrificed so much in life and took many risks and they all made you who are. I really need to take a page from your book and do the same. Not be afraid of the outcome and go after what I want in life, whether it’s love, life, or work.

Anyhow, thank you for everything Pops. We all miss you a ton and wish you were here so that we can help you blow out all them candles. You’re an old fart but we all love you hella much. Your two year is coming up and if it’s anything like your one year, then you’ve once again brought our family together for good times and good food. Like you always do.

Happy Birthday Pops!

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Nate - So good post. Crazy how much you look likes that manh.

stephanie ~ paisley petunia - That’s a beautiful tribute. I didn’t know your dad, but I do know that he must be really, really proud of you.

Kim – Phuong Ngo - Miss you Daddy! Think of you every day and wish you were here with us. Just like you would always write on my birthday cards every year, “I have nothing for you on your birthday but my love. Love you always and forever”.

M. Ngo - Thanks for keeping dad’s memory alive.

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