Heidi and Spencer Are Douchebags

For those of you born post-1990, you missed out on an incredible era of innovative, incredible, and often times insane music videos. Michael Jackson put out a slew of epic music videos during the 80s: Bad, Beat It, Billie Jean, and who can forget Thriller?

I remember coming home from school everyday and watching CMC (California Music Channel for those of you who ain’t from the Bay) and MTV’s top video countdown. Singing along to gems like Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee”, E-40′s “Captain Save-a-Hoe”, and Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”.

Then videos started getting all flashy with the emergence of Puff Daddy, er… Puffy, uh… P. Diddy, um… Diddy (whatever the hell he wants to go by) and the Bad Boy camp. You got Mase in neon jump suits and Biggie sittin’ in jacuzzi pools askin’ girls what’s their name, what’s their sign, as he creeps up from behind. Or maybe you fantasized about one day being able to big pimp girls on a yacht, emptying bottles of Cristal all over their heads, a la Jay-Z.

As ludicrous as all these videos and songs were, they were fun and actually lived up to MTV being what it set out to be: Music Television. Now, what the hell do they show instead of videos? The hugest douchebags in the world galavanting all over my TV. I could give a rats ass about Spencer and Heidi, LC, Audrina, and the rest of the Hills cast (why in the hell are these ninnies famous?!). If it weren’t for Rob Dyrdek and Big, I’d never flip the channel to MTV.

Told you so...

Told you so...

Since MTV no longer shows music videos and labels no longer provide huge budgets for big video productions, artists have turned to Youtube and other avenues to express and salvage their artistic integrity. Goes to show that you need not extravagant budgets, girls in bikinis, big rims and platinum molars to make a good music video. Make sure you don’t sleep on these rad videos and songs:

Hypnolove – Mademoiselle
Who is Hypnolove?

I’ve been trying to figure out who these guys are ever since coming across their song “Mademoiselle” on, of all places, a photography camera site. I’ve been playin’ the hell out of this song and still don’t have a clue as to who they are. The closest I’ve come is a video of them performing live somewhere at a bar known as Le Bikini. Le Bikini? Crazy Frenchies.

Club DJs… y’all need to add this to your rotation for the clubs… mash up the beats and vocals with some other shit… or leave it as is. Guaranteed heat.

[youtube EH2gW8dL_Ck 500 375]

And the live version at Le Bikini:

[youtube ypx89nLoMUM 500 375]

Lip dub version shot with a P&S camera (a P&S camera that I just so happened to buy recently):

[vimeo 2671917 500 300]

Bats for Lashes – What’s a Girl to Do
Born to a Pakistani padre and an English madre, Natasha Khan aka Bats for Lashes has been compared to Björk, Tori Amos, and Fiona Apple.

Her music might not be for everyone but her video for “What’s a Girl to Do” is all sorts of awesomeness.  Equal parts creepy, equal parts hilarious.

[vimeo 1323646 500 300]

Nyle – Let the Beat Build
When I came across this video, it kinda sorta left my jaw hanging.  Shot in one take with a RED ONE camera.  Not only is the video super clean and sick but Nyle’s flow is hella nice.  Click back to Nyle’s Vimeo page to read more about dude.

[vimeo 4189528 500 300]

Please let me know if any of the links are broken by leaving me a comment below.

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