Gymboss Review & Kettlebell Teaser

I know a lot of you have clicked on that Gymboss button on my page but I’m not sure how many of you understand the true kickassness of this fitness tool.  I’ve been using it religiously for all my workouts and it really keeps me on point.  In the words of the plethora of infomercials out there, I literally “set it and forget it”.  Their website goes into some of the ways you can use this little guy but I’ll show you how I personally put this bad boy to use…

Training for Time:
I often strength train for time, especially with my Kettlebells, and the Gymboss is awesome for this.  Let’s say I wanted to do 30 second rounds of Kettlebell swings with a 60 second rest in between rounds.  Because the device can set two different timers to count down, I set my first timer to 30 seconds and my second to 60 seconds.  Hit the start button and off I go.  Once my 30 seconds are up, the 60 second timer automatically starts.  Once that ends, the 30 second timer starts up again.  It can go back and forth like this for up to 99 rounds.  You also have options of setting a certain number of rounds, an audible alert, vibrate, or a combination of both so that you know when to go and when to rest.  This would also be a great running tool for amatuer runners who want more variation.  Set one timer as your sprint and the second as your rest.  You can then go for 10 second sprint bursts to be followed by a resting interval.

Strength Training:
People always underestimate the importance of rest intervals during training.  Whether you’re trying to build muscular endurance, strength, hypertrophy, or power, it is crucial that you get the appropriate amount of rest.  Training for muscular endurance with too much rest time will not yield the appropriate results.  Just as resting too little for hypertrophy or strength will not allow you to bang out enough reps or lift a heavy load.  You need to understand the relationship between time, reps, and load to effectively train and get results.  The heavier your load, the less reps you can do and the more rest you’ll need.  The lighter your load, the more reps you can do and the less rest you need.

I don’t get a chance to roll around much but when I do, the Gymboss is perfect for setting up 5 minute rounds, 1 minute rests (or whatever combination you prefer). You always hear sports specific training this and sports specific training that.  Well, this is a perfect example of how to train for MMA or boxing.  How else will you prepare to fight for 5 minutes at a time if you’re not training 5 minutes at a time?  Running long bouts for endurance will help with your cardio and strength training will help with getting you stronger.  But you’re gonna need to simulate the time of a real match to gauge your intensity and techniques.

Training with a Partner:
One of my favorite things to do is the “I Go, You Go” workout.  Basically, I set my timer at 30 seconds and go through my exercise for 30 seconds straight.  Once the timer beeps, my workout partner goes for 30 seconds straight.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

This thing is a viable replacement for any baking/cooking timers you might have. Sorry, I had to throw that in there. Ps. I had the most amazing Snickerdoodles ever recently courtesy of CLW. THANKS!!

I have zero affiliation with Gymboss.  I use their product and thought it was a good training tool to share with everyone.  However, if you do plan to purchase one, purchase it by clicking on my Gymboss button and they kick down 20% to me.


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In the video, I’m working with 32kg kettlebells doing alternating swings, renegade rows with a pushup, and windmills… basic, simple stuff.  And no, those are not knock-off Burberry boardshorts… they’re obviously knockoff Billabongs.

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John H - Quoc – Picked up a gymboss after your review here with some credit I still had on Amazon. Definitely lives up to the hype as you described it. It’s smaller than a full size ipod, about the size of 3 or so ipod shuffles…basically a pager size. Remember those? LOL. The timer feature is great and easy to use once you actually read the instructions. Vibration feature is great to not have it constantly beeping in the gym. It also vibrates hard enough that you can feel it while working out. The flexibility of setting number of rounds, length of rest periods, and round lengths is great compared to other timers that have a set 2 or 3 minute round that can cost twice as much…*cough Everlast timer *cough*. Also the beeps are loud enough to hear over music when I’m training if I can’t have it on my belt. Definitely a great product. Only complaint was it didn’t come with a battery but AAA’s are readily available.

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