Point & Shoot with the Panasonic LX3

Wherever I go, I always have a camera readily available.  Obviously there’s the camera on my BlackBerry, my SLR for actual photoshoots, and I even keep a disposable camera in my center console for who knows what.  Not too long ago, I purchased what has to be one of the most badass point & shoot cameras currently out there, the Panasonic LX3.

This elusive camera which retails for roughly $500 is impossible to find.  When you do find one, it commands a premium price… upwards of $200-300 more than what it retails for.  I was both lucky and persistent in landing one for myself and I can see what all the hype is about. There are numerous reviews for this camera all over the web so I ain’t gonna do a review on it.  Instead, I’ll show you a set of photos that I shot with it recently on an outing for First Fridays.  Not only does this camera shoot great stills, it also shoots kick ass 720p HD video. All the videos I have on Vimeo were shot with this camera.

Along with the Neopolitan Brownies that I created during Memorial Day weekend, shooting black & white candids with this camera is one of my new favorite things.  Unlike when I’m shooting with an SLR, with this point & shoot I don’t do much composing or thinking… I just shoot, as they like to say, from the hip.  Sometimes I get great pictures, most of the time I get crap but that’s the beauty of digital.  You can shoot as much as you want without having to worry about wasting film.

Personally, I feel the photos give off this photojournalistic look and feel.

All these were shot at June’s First Fridays, straight from the camera, no post processing.  Thanks to Team L for being willing subjects… well, Noelle not so much.

No captions… just enjoy.


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CeeShred - Nice pick-up, we need to run some comparisons to the D-Lux3.

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