Santigold at the Hollywood Bowl – June 21, 2009

I think the Hollywood Bowl is my new favorite venue for concerts. Back in the day when I was at UCLA, I loved the House of Blues cause the spot was small and intimate and allowed for some great head bobbing, mosh pitting, and elbow throwing… but since I got a little bit older, the Bowl is the BUSINESS. When I heard that Adele and Santigold were performing there, I immediately got tickets and scored some sick ass box seats for Santigold.

Since we had box seats for the concert, we packed a picnic dinner and ate while Raphael Saadiq opened the show. Kinda disappointed dude didn’t sing any of the hits from his Tony! Toni! Toné! days. Santigold on the other hand was one of the illest concerts I’ve been to in a minute. The entire Bowl was up and dancing once her set started. Kids, grown folks, white folks, folks who had no rhythm, cougars who had a lot of rhythm, folks who had no idea who she was… they were all on their feet dancing cause that’s how hard Santigold is.

If you don’t have her album, “Santogold”…. GET IT!!

Santigold - Santogold

Santigold - Santogold

And just because I love y’all… here’s a link to her mixtape with the hit or miss Diplo:

Diplo x Sanitgold - Top Ranking

Diplo x Santigold - Top Ranking

My favorite tracks from the mixtape are:
4.) Amanda Blank samples LL Cool J’s “I Need Love”
5.) Transitions into Sir Mix-a-lot’s “My Posse’s On Broadway”
18.) Dixie Cups – Iko Iko (why do I imagine girls in Brooklyn double dutching whenever I hear this track?)

I know these albums are hecka old but I felt it was appropriate since I just saw her last week.

With my boy Sergio aka @goldenshooz and his wifey-to-be Corina aka @coriput and the homie Murray.


And you know I couldn’t go to the Hollywood Bowl and pack a picnic and not bake something…here’s a teaser pic:


Neopolitan Brownies

Neopolitan Brownies… created by Betty Quocer… I swear Sprinkles is gonna be all up on this and release a Neopolitan cupcake by mid-Summer!  I’ll post the recipe next week, I promise.

All in all, a good time with good friends, good food, good wine, good music, and good NEOPOLITAN BROWNIES!

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Justin - Betty Quocer……I love it……you are the shit. Neopolitan Brownies really sound delicious! Steph is awaiting next week.

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