To Be a Father…

“Selfishness, arrogance, ignorance, and laziness have a cure! A daughter is the serum.”

- Cody McCown

cody ava mccown

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When I Think About Love… by Mary Neubauer

Mary, Mark and Baby Mia are some of the most wonderful people I had the privilege and honor of meeting on my trip. They treated me to The Saltlick Bar-B-Que in Austin, TX and shared with me some ridiculously funny stories about how they met, how he proposed, and how they all came to be in love. I think I related just a tad bit more with them than anyone else I met because Mary is Vietnamese. Here is Mary’s super amazing interpretation and analogy of love that she emailed to me. Much love to the Neubauers… hope to see y’all again!


Yes, red hearts, flowers and Valentines day quickly come to mind.  How can it not?  Hallmark has very successfully commercialized “Love.“  And yet, I know better.  That’s not love.  It’s how you buy your way out of a boo boo or how to buy your way into someone’s bed.

So what is love?

Mary Mark Mia Neubauer 01

One of my favorite  stories/quotes about love comes from the children’s story The Velveteen Bunny. He is actually having a conversation about becoming REAL. But if you replace REAL with LOVE, does it change the meaning of the story? I think it makes the story come to life.

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The Road Less Travelled

From Austin to New Mexico, the route that was suggested to me by Google Maps took me through El Paso, TX. If I were to take this route, it would have taken me right past the border town of Juarez. If y’all are familiar with the Mexican cartels and drug wars, you know to stay away from Juarez. Getting kidnapped and held for ransom was not an option (my family is poor).

I decided to take an alternate route that would add more miles and hours to my trip but keep me safe and alive. This took me from Austin, TX to San Angelo, TX then through Hobbs, NM to Cloudcroft, NM. The towns I drove through were tiny, some were a few miles long, others a few blocks long (but all were anchored by Sonics… which is WAAAY overrated by the way). They all had so much character, from the people to the architecture, and it made me wonder as I drove through how people lived their lives in such tiny communities. What did they do for fun? What did they do for work? Do they get Samoas ice cream?

One of the coolest things I saw while passing through one of these towns was a drive-thru liquor store. What looked like an old barn was converted into a liquor store where you literally drove through the doors, ordered your beverages of choice, and drove out the other end. I can’t remember for the life of me where most of these shots were taken, but I think this was located somewhere between Brady and Eden, TX.

drive-thru liquor

To give you an idea of how small some of these towns were, this particular one I passed through had one office building that was named The Office Building.

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Roadtrip Update: It's Coming to An End!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the my cross-country roadtrip is coming to an end. Much love to everyone that I’ve met along the way. We’ve shared some awesome stories together and I really do hope to see you again at some point in my life.

I also want to apologize to everyone who I was not able to meet up with. You have all shown me hella love through the blog and I really appreciate all of your comments and emails. I would have loved to have met all of you. The next roadtrip I plan will be more extensive and better scheduled so that I can spend more time in each town.

For everyone that I’ve shot along my journey, please allow me some time to edit all the photos. It might take a while but I promise you’ll be receiving photos! I have A LOT of photographs to go through and edit!

Once I get back to LA, I’ll post some of my travel stories and photos on this here blog. In the meantime, check out my girl Jessica doin’ tha damn thang at Elite Fitness & Kettlebell Systems in Lafayette, LA. She is a true Southern Belle in every sense of the word…

jessica elite fitness kettlebell systems american flag tire jump lafayette

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Dillon Van Way

Dillon Van Way is a champion rally car driver. He is also a very accomplished motocross racer. And get this… he’s only 17.


I had the privilege of shooting his senior portraits and we had a blast. This kid is BADASS! And I only refer to him as a kid because that’s who he truly is at heart. Despite being this champion race car driver, all he could talk about was laser tag and playing his yo-yo. I thought he was kidding but he’s dead serious. He might even love laser tag and his yo-yo more than racing! He is a big goofball and beyond humble which made the shoot super fun. His shoot was another reason why I loved Louisiana so much.

dillon van way senior shoot

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