Ava McCown

This is Ava McCown. I call her Baby Lanche and have been trying to convince her parents that’s what her middle name should be. Ava Lanche McCown. Avalanche… get it? Damn, I’m corny!

The McCowns are close friends of mine and I’ve been staying with them here in Lafayette. Cody and I used to work together when we were both trainers at Equinox in LA. They ended up moving back to Louisiana where Renea, aka Nae-Nae, gave birth to Baby Lanche. This is the first time I’ve met Baby Lanche and I cannot get enough of her!

Ask her what a dog says and she doesn’t bark, she pants! Her binky, aka pacifier, is often attached to her shirt for easy access, and her forever smacking tongue are ridiculously adorable. Here she is giving me her Popeye face. I am in love with her.

lafayette louisiana baby ava

My travels through the South have been nothing short of amazing. The food is ridiculous here (ask me about the drive-thru daiquiris). If I lived here, I’d be obese. Heck, if I stayed here for a week, I’d be obese. And the girls… I might never move back to LA. They are beautiful, beyond friendly, and GENUINE. What you see is what you get! Nothing fake about these girls out here.

I had some pretty awesome shoots here in Lafayette that I’ll be posting pictures of soon. I’ve barely gotten any sleep and have been busy non-stop (up at 5am for shoots)! The people here don’t fool around… their work ethic is incomparable. Hands down the hardest workin’ folk I’ve ever met. Overall, everyone has been so kind to me and has shown me nothing but love. Lafayette is an amazing place and I really can’t wait to get back here to visit again.

I’ll be leaving Sunday morning and heading straight to Austin. Many apologies to my Houston folk who were hoping to shoot. Unfortunately, I need to be back in LA sooner than I had expected. Austin is gonna be tough for me as well, but hopefully I can set something up there. I did not realize that the drive from Austin to New Mexico is about 9 hours and New Mexico to Phoenix is another 9. Add the 5 or 6 hours it’ll take me to get back to LA and you can see how my schedule is super tight, considering I have an appointment at 8am on Tuesday.

Here’s a shot of the McCowns shot through a window of a 1964-65 Ford Ranchero…

McCown family 1964 1965 Ford Ranchero

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Roadtrip Reservations

A HUGE thank you to the most wonderful Melissa from dearbaby. Her one post resulted in an insane amount of hits to my blog with requests galore for photoshoots. I’ve contacted several of you on this trip thus far to shoot. To those of you who I’ve met up with, thanks for the awesome convos and food. To those of you that I’ve missed, I hope our paths will cross some day soon.

For those of you in Lafayette, Texas, Arizona… I will be contacting you soon to set things up. The requests have been overwhelming (in a good way!) so I do apologize in advance if we are unable to shoot.

I’m heading off to Lafayette, LA for a few shoots there and some good eatin’ and some tractor tire flipping.

Much love y’all!

Centennial Park right between the Georgia Aquarium and Coca Cola Museum…

atlanta baby

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Roadtrip Agenda

Now that I have a purpose for this trip, I’ve been searching for people to shoot. I’ve been browsing different outlets to find people but for the most part, I’m going to wing it and just ask people wherever I stop if they’d be up for a quick photosesh. A meal in your town from you to me in exchange for a photosesh… I think that’s a pretty good deal, no? For my sake, I really hope I get to experience that often-rapped about Southern hospitality!

You can follow me on my journey here on this blog and if you know of anyone in or near the cities that I’ll be stopping in, please let me know! I would love to shoot and eat as much as possible on this trip.

Here’s the list of cities I’m stopping in:

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC
  2. Columbia, SC
  3. Atlanta, GA
  4. Montgomery, AL
  5. Mobile, AL
  6. New Orleans, LA
  7. Lafayette, LA
  8. Houston, TX
  9. Austin, TX
  10. Roswell, NM
  11. Phoenix, AZ
  12. Home!

I know I am gonna get ridiculously fat during this trip so I promised myself that I would eliminate all sweets from my diet as soon as I get back. That means no more cupcakes, no more cookies, and sadly, no more Samoas ice cream (I was eating a quart a week it seemed!). Good thing I ain’t starting this until after I get back cause last night I feasted on crazy delicious foods and desserts with the girls from Paisley Petunia at their Posh Potluck. My contribution was the Blueberry Crumb Cake. Ps. Christina said I could bring a date to the next one so who’s gonna be the lucky girl?!

posh potluck 3/21/10 menu

posh potluck 3/21/10 tangerine tart

posh potluck 3/21/10 blueberry crumb cake strawberries

posh potluck 3/21/10 blueberry crumb cake

posh potluck 3/21/10 strawberries whip cream

posh potluck 3/21/10 strawberries biscuits whip cream

posh potluck 3/21/10 strawberry shortcake

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When I Think About Love…

I’m getting ready for my epic roadtrip throughout the dirty South and decided that the theme for this trip is LOVE. When you think about love, what goes through your mind? Tell me and let me capture it. (CHEESY, I know…. snicker, laugh, roll your eyes… you done? Ok… let’s continue =)

I had a great conversation with a friend of mine, someone who has become the most influential person to my photography and in some aspects, to my personal life and goals as well. The conversation raised more questions than answers and the theme for this trip was a result of that conversation. I’m sure some questions will be answered during my trip but in the end, there will probably be more questions than answers (still following me?). But ain’t that how it always is?

when i think about love

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Road Trippin'

I’m going on a roadtrip… and I mean a ROADTRIP. I just booked my flight to South Carolina and will be cross country driving from one coast to the other. Thus far, the plans are for me to drive from Myrtle Beach, SC all the way back to LA. The only guide I have is Flavortown USA, whose map is based off of the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” show featuring Guy Fieri. I’m picking restaurants along my route that have been featured on the show and hope to photograph and blog my trip along the way.

Being the psycho-social ponderer that I am, I want to see how far my photography and people skills will get me. I hope to be bartering my photography and sweet talking my way to a full belly. I definitely will be stopping in the ATL and then heading straight to the Lou’ to visit my boy Cody and his family… maybe go noodlin’, eat at his restaurant and train at his gym. From there, I’m heading to Austin cause I hear they like to keep it weird out that way. Next, I’ll be heading out to Phoenix to see my good friend Steven and to shoot his engagement session and then finally, heading back to LA. I would have loved to hit up more of the Midwest, especially Kansas where I was born but it just ain’t possible with the amount of time I have. I arrive in South Carolina on Wednesday 3/24 and need to be back in LA by 3/29.

Click on View Larger Map to take a look at my trip. Give me your recommendations in the comments as to where I should go, what to eat, and what to do. And if you have any friends and/or relatives along my route who would like to trade me a warm meal and a comfy bed for some portraits, please let me know! All I’m bringing with me is a small duffel bag, my camera and a couple lenses, and my MBP. And if I’m driving through your hometown, give me a holler.

View Larger Map

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC
  2. Farmer’s Shed, 2514 Augusta Hwy Lexington, SC 29072
  3. The Silver Skillet, 200 14th St. Atlanta, GA 30318
  4. Guy’s Gumbo Shack, 212 Fairhope Ave., Fairhope, AL 36532-2316
  5. The Joint, 801 Poland Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117
  6. Creole Creamery, 4924 Prytania St., New Orleans, LA 70115-4018
  7. La Seafood House, 1917 Ridge Rd. Duson, LA 70529
  8. Magnolia Cafe, 2304 Lake Austin Blvd., Austin, TX 78703
  9. Tempe, AZ
  10. Los Angeles, CA

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